Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson is the bestselling author of 12 books. Both When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love, sold over 1 million copies each.

His latest book is Lost Companions.

Jeff lives with his wife Leila, an integrative pediatrician, near Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

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Lost Companions Cover

Lost Companions: Our society is still learning how to dignify the relationship between a pet and their human with proper mourning rituals. We have only recently allowed the conversation of how to grieve for our non-human family members to come front and centre. In examining the special bond between pets and their people, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson validates the grief that we feel when a special pet dies. Lost Companions is full of poignant stories about dogs, cats, horses, birds, wombats and other animals that beautifully illustrate the strong bond humans form with them. A heartfelt exploration of human grief after the loss of a pet by the New York Times bestselling author of Dogs Never Lie About Love, Lost Companions is a thought-provoking book on pet loss. Masson takes a personal approach, allowing readers to explore their own responses, suggesting ways through and out of grief, as well as meaningful ways to memorialize our best friends.


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Beasts Cover

Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good and Evil.

There are two supreme predators on the planet with the most complex brains in nature: humans and orcas. In the twentieth century alone, one of these animals killed 200 million members of its own species, the other has killed none. Jeffrey Masson's fascinating new book begins here: There is something different about us.

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4 of Jeff's books are now available as eBooks from Untreed Reads:

Dogs Make Us Human

Dogs Make Us Human

Dogs Make Us Human: A Global Family Album
Famed wildlife photographer Art Wolfe has chosen one hundred of his favorite photographs of dogs— including shots from every continent of the world—and teamed up with bestselling animal writer Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson to create a remarkable book that will be treasured by dog lovers far and wide.

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The Interpretation of Dreams

This is an illustrated edition with magnificent paintings around the theme of dreams. Jeff wrote the Introduction, as well as various notes throughout the text explaining some of the key terms used in this classic book on dreams.

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Paperback Out Now

The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving

No other animal loves us in quite the same way as dogs love us. And it is mutual. Is it possible that we developed the capacity for love, sympathy, empathy, and compassion because of our long association with dogs?

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Also Available in Paperback

The Face on Your Plate

In this revelatory work, Jeffrey Masson explores what we eat and why. He shows how food affects our moral selves, our health, and our planet. Uniquely, as a psychoanalyst, Masson investigates how denial keeps us from recognizing the animal at the end of our fork and urges readers to consciously make decisions about food.

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