The Pig Who Sang to the Moon
The Emotional World of Farm Animals

In this ground-breaking book, Jeffrey Masson reveals startling evidence that farm animals have feelings, even consciousness - and bears witness to the emotions and intelligence of these remarkable barnyard creatures, each unique with distinct qualities.

Curious, intelligent, self-reliant - many will find it hard to believe that these attributes describe a pig. They also dream and know their names when called. Mother cows mourn when their calves are taken away. Given a choice between food that is nutritious or lacking in minerals, sheep will select the former, balancing their diet and correcting the deficiency. Goats display quite a sense of humor, dignity and fearlessness (Indian goats have been known to kill leopards). Chickens are naturally sociable - they will gather around a human companion and preen themselves beside someone they trust.

Weaving history, literature, anecdotes, scientific studies and his own vivid experiences observing these gentle beasts, Jeffrey Masson shatters the abhorrent myth of the "Dumb animal without feelings."

The Pig Who Sang to the Moon is a revolutionary book that is sure to stir human emotions far and wide.


Watch a brief talk from Jeffrey Masson on his book The Pig Who Sang to the Moon (Windows Media Streaming Video)

What Others Have Said

“The Pig Who Sang to the Moon will forever enrich, deepen, and make real your relationship with the extraordinary beings we farm for their meat, eggs, and milk. This is a great book!”

– John Robbins

“Masson is a fine writer, and this is his most important book yet. I hope everyone reads it. It will change the way people think about the animals they encounter every day - on their plate.”

– Peter Singer